HIGHLANDER VELEBIT The greatest Adventure of my Life!


Highlander Velebit, also known as the ultimate hiking adventure is a route that takes you on a long and hard journey. Even though Highlander is an ultimate hiking event it’s not just for professional hikers, but also for those who love nature and outdoor activity. Just like Ana Nikšić, a girl who faced this challenge last year.

Ana says that she is just an ordinary girl who loves hiking, but the challenge she decided to face was not ordinary at all. In fact Ana successfully completed this hiking adventure last year, so we sat down to talk about it!

“I’m curious by nature so the Highlander Velebit adventure was one of the challenges that felt right for me! I wanted to walk the whole hiking trail and test my limits! That means walking for five days on a 104 kilometers long route with 15 kilograms on my back!“

In 2019 Ana climbed the highest peak of North Africa, Toubkal (4167m) but Highlander Velebit was a slightly different adventure …

“Highlander is organized as a race. We got our race numbers and in five days needed to cross the route from Zavižan to Paklenica, and pass five checkpoints.“

It was not easy but she never gave up.

“The first day was the hardest for me. My backpack with all the essentials (water, food, sleeping bag, tent, clothes, cooker, and basic personal belongings) weighed 15 kilograms and I have only 52! I thought this will be „mission: impossible“, but when the first day went by, the body got used to it and the adrenaline helped. We walked through the most beautiful landscapes and it kept us moving on and on.”

That’s why she has a special name for the race.

“So far, Highlander Velebit is definitely the greatest adventure of my life. But I don’t mean to stop here – new adventures are around the corner. This year we plan to go to Highlander Serbia and the concept is the same – 100 kilometers of wildlife! Also, in the fall I plan to go to Nepal to walk the slopes of the Himalayas!”

So what was the most special moment and the most beautiful view?

“The most beautiful part is always when you leave the Velebit forest after hours and hours of walking and see the most beautiful view of the islands and the Adriatic Sea at sunset. I would definitely repeat this experience, maybe even this year! I recommend Highlander Velebit to anyone who likes to walk and enjoy the beautiful views. Velebit is perfect for that. It takes a little preparation but if you are in good physical shape you will succeed!

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