on the list of the world’s most innovative organizations in tourism policy 2021.


The global tourism industry supports millions of jobs and businesses around the world and helps protect and preserve cultural and natural heritage. Yet, even before COVID-19 changed the way people travel, governments sought solutions to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and increase economic justice for tourist boards.

Now, as global agencies work to rebuild the industry after the pandemic, there are even more challenges in planning a recovery in a safe and effective way. Managing safe and responsible travel during and after recovery from COVID-19 will require innovation, creativity and passion; and list 75 most Innovative Organizations in Tourism Policy 2021 seeks to honor and celebrate leading organizations around the world, stand out from the apolitical organization and add:

The organizations identified on this list are public agencies or NGOs that use policies, programs, and projects to create creative solutions to challenges. Most importantly, these organizations demonstrate industry leadership, innovate new approaches, and use technology and digitalization to create more accessible and equitable tourist boards in one of three primary areas: planning industry recovery during and after a pandemic, encouraging long-term sustainable investment, and improving destination management .

Description 75 most Innovative Organizations in Tourism Policy 2021 was made in partnership with United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) i Mastercard, and was announced during the celebration of World Tourism Day on September 27, 2021.

Being among the best in the world is a great honor and privilege, but also an obligation. I would like to thank the professional public, as well as the organizers, who have just included the portal on the list of the world’s most innovative organizations in tourism policy 2021. Congratulations to the Institute for Tourism, which is also on the list along with 75 most innovative in the world. This is a great recognition for our tourism. In our tourism there are various challenges in the field, from the extension of the tourist season, sustainable and strategic development of tourist destinations, insufficient domestic workforce, too little cooperation and synergy, etc.… But one of the main problems is that we do not have quality dialogue and communication between private and public sector . The question is: will we continue to talk for years about the potentials and the need for change or will we all move together and we will be that change and it is these potentials that have been turned into quality resources? But in order to turn these potentials into resources, I need to start proactively engaging in market development and growth, there must be dialogue and common communication and consensus on common themes and challenges. Our main focus must be on constructive open dialogue, solutions and synergy and cooperation. On that trail was the DayOne concept we were preparing, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.He points out Goran Rihelj, editor-in-chief and founder of the portal, and concludes that Croatian tourism must not only follow all global trends, but also create them itself.

We also congratulate the Institute for Tourism, which is the only one from Croatia with on this list.

You can see the full list here: 75 most Innovative Organizations in Tourism Policy 2021

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