“If I knew, I would not come to Croatia.” – Tourist complaints

Photo: Unsplash (Levi Jones)

On the list of things that delight tourists is the beautiful nature and architecture. Also, the fact that, due to the low crime rate, you can walk freely even at night, without fear of being robbed, reports poslovni.hr.

Tourists in Croatia complain the most about other tourists. Crowds bother them, and they complain about bus and ferry transportation.

Croatia used to be a cheap destination because people mostly went to Spain and Italy. Now hordes of tourists are everywhere. Ferry tickets sell out early and cannot be purchased online in advance, Airbnb and hotels are full, and tourist traps are everywhere. You can’t even get an Uber. Long queues lead to each ticket office. All places, from restaurants to attractions, are full of tourists.

Transportation is confusing, despite Croatia being a tourist hot spot. The ferry timetable is confusing. There are about four different operators with different opening hours. Ticket booths are not easy to find because Google doesn’t show them. When you try to buy tickets online, it says tickets are unavailable without explaining why, but when you get to the box office, you can buy tickets without a problem.

A visitor to Plitvice also complains about the crowds. Plitvice National Park in Croatia was described as a disappointment. There were expected to be fewer crowds on a Monday morning in September (not peak season, not a weekend). The reality: a park that is absolutely packed with hyperactive, selfish, bickering visitors.

“At one point I was trapped on the trail and desperately trying to squeeze through people to see the falls.” – says a disappointed visitor.

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