IN MEDIAS RES Karlovac County unveils new visual identity


This week the Karlovac County introduced a new visual identity that should help improve the County`s position on the tourist map of Croatia.

The new identity is inspired by the County`s rivers, forests and unique geographical position in the heart of Croatia.

Indigenousness, openness, dynamism, excitement, and inspiration are the key elements of the brand. The Karlovac County logo is a graphic interpretation of the windmill, a toy made of droplets that symbolize the many rivers and streams of the county, and the leaf – a symbol of the forests. The designers were also inspired by the Rastoke flour mills and the well known Karlovac Star.

The new slogan “In medias res” provides technical information on the geographical location of the County, but also carries emotional value – a message that says they are dealing with important things, that they are fast and efficient and informs visitors that this is the heart of Croatia.

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