IN THE MONTH OF LOVE Romantic inspirations from Mauritius!


Mauritius, the pearl of the Indian ocean is an island nation located in south east of the African continent and South of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a volcanic island of lagoons and miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, almost entirely encircled by coral reefs. Thus, the island is well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and spectacular natural sceneries. Truly a paradise island.

The beaches of Mauritius are evocative of dream, escape and heat. The island is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and cliffs that offer, together with the blue lagoon, an extraordinary scene that varies according to the seasons and the time of the day.

Besides its beautiful white sandy beaches, Mauritius has so much more to offer. The island hosts to an unexpected lush nature, such as protected forests, mountains and exceptional sites. Mauritius enchants nature lovers and charms those looking for more discoveries.

Mauritius is often ranked as one of the most romantic places to visit with its idyllic beaches, hotels appealing to romance and stunning sceneries.

Couples’ stay in Mauritius will be unforgettable, there is a wide array of leisure and activities for couples in Mauritius. The most romantic will choose the cruises in catamaran in exclusivity, the dolphin watch outings, and horse-riding at dusk or the treatments for two at the spa.

The Double zip lines and skydiving may be appealing to the more adventurous… or simply taking an exclusive helicopter ride to admire the beautiful landscapes of Mauritius from above.

Scuba diving is also very popular, whether for beginner courses or to discover the stunning sites around the island.


A romantic dinner will always be a hit for everyone planning a special evening with their loved one. Whether at the hotel, under the stars in the beach, or in one of the island’s gourmet restaurants the tête-à-tête dinner with a refined menu and elegant décor, this dinner will be a romantic dream happening only in Mauritius.

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