INTERVIEW: Pavlo Fedykovych about Instameet at Plitvice Lakes


Pavlo Fedykovych a respected travel writer, travel blogger and CNN & Lonely Planet contributing writer recently participated at First Instameet at Plitvice Lakes. It was his first Instameet ever and a second time at Plitvice Lakes.

“I absolutely loved each and every one of the locations we visited. The most impressive part of the Plitvice Lakes tour for me was the Big waterfall. Breathtaking. I loved the Plitvice Valleys tour as well. It was a pleasure to travel around the countryside. We visited the fascinating Baraćeve Caves, saw the ruins of the Old Town Drežnik and met the deer at Ranch Dolina Jelena. Great experience.”

Besides the sightseeing, there was also some food tasting

“Ah, the food was magical. Every single thing I tasted was absolutely delicious! My favourite is the škripavac cheese.”

The result of Instameet are really impressive photos people around the world saw…

“Plitvice Lakes is the place to be when it comes to superb photography spots. I am a travel writer so I will be using photos for my articles about Croatia and for my social media as a content.”

The year just started, so we asked Pavlo what is his next destinations and the top destination for 2018?

“As I write about Central Europe, I will go to the Central European countries for sure. My next destination is Poland, where I will be exploring the central part of the country. I would really like to go south like Spain or Portugal.”

And the most important question – what is his favourite destination ever?

“That’s a tricky question. It wouldn’t be a lie to say Croatia. I come back here every year since I was 11. Also, I really loved my time in California, US. Would love to return to the US and explore more there.”

There is no wonder then that Pavlo is coming back!

“For sure! I want to explore the North of Croatia this spring and I am very keen on going to Croatia during the summer.”



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