INTERVIEW „Why Spring is the Best Time to be a Photographer!“


Spring is synonymous with rebirth. Nature, flowers and plants, colors and streams – they all come alive. Waterfalls are swollen with water, which brings out their majestic beauty, the vegetation also grows green and lush, and the flowers are everywhere.

Spring is a great gift especially for landscape photographers, as it’s an ideal moment to go photo hunting. That`s why we spoke to photographer Zoran Stegnjaić about the spring magic.

Originally from Otočac, Zoran is a photographer who’s all about those dreamy outdoor shots. We asked him to show us some of his favorite seasonally appropriate shots and convince us that the best part of the year is here!

„Spring is a special time of year for all of us photographers as a lot of inspiration is around us – the days are getting longer, the light is perfect, and we have everything needed to create great photos. Of course, each season is beautiful in its own way, but spring and fall are my favorites because of the color palette.“

As a man who is often in nature Zoran realizes the important link between tourism and photography.

“The power of photography is great, so I think we need to share the beauty of Lika-Senj County in the form of photography through social media. That way we will promote many destinations and us photographers.”

So which locations would he recommend for those who are coming with a camera for the first time?

“Our region is quite unknown in the world of photography, with the exception of Plitvice Lakes. I would definitely recommend my Gacka Valley, Northern Velebit National Park, Zavratnica, Grabovača Cave Park, the old Kosinj Bridge and one very nice place – Plitvički Ljeskovac, which is a true oasis of peace and beauty. In these few locations, every photographer will find some inspiration.”

Croatia and neighboring countries are a great inspiration to him. That`s why we needed to know which place surprised him above all expectations?

„The first thing that comes to mind is the Visoki Buk waterfall in the Zrmanja river canyon, which is quite unknown due to its inaccessibility. After a difficult descent into the river canyon, Visoki Buk waterfall is a real reward for every photographer. The experience is amazing and unforgettable.“

Although it was hard for Zoran to choose his all-time favorite photo, we were persistent. „One of the best was captured last fall – Veliki Prštavac dressed in autumn colors. The day was beautiful, and the leaves were in the color-changing phase.“

Plans for the future are to continue to take photos, move forward and most importantly, enjoy the process.

„I have found great pleasure in photography and I am guided by my current inspiration, without too much planning.“

Isn`t that the best recipe for success and happiness? We believe so!

PHOTO: Zoran Stegnjaić

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