Introducing the new brand collaboration: Divinum Cosmetics & The Plitvice Times


The Plitvice Times webshop is a new project that the team has conducted this year. Its rapid growth is the result of grand interest from the audience as well as the collaborators. The shop is constantly updated and new products are added on weekly basis.

Let us introduce you to one of our collaborators – Divinum. Divinum presents the line of natural cosmetics made of immortelle flowers. Immortelle used for cosmetics production is located on a family farm in Lika making this authentical Croatian product which is a perfect fit for our webshop.

Marija, the young entrepreneur from Bukovac in Lika recognized the healing properties of immortelle and started a company. The Plitvice Times webshop assisted her with sales by listing it on the website and making it visible to a worldwide audience.

Divinum Hera Oil is an elixir of youth based on organic immortelle flower in synergy with fast-absorbing cold-pressed oils of macadamia, apricot and jojoba enriched with immortelle essential oil and vitamin F.

Divinum Demetra Balsam is a nourishing balm based on white purified wax, cold-pressed apricot and jojoba oils.

Divinum Helios hidrolats` pH value is 4.37. It is almost the same as the pH value of human skin. It richly hydrates and refreshes the skin. It is effective and efficient in the fight against various skin diseases such as allergic skin reactions, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.

Check out the rest of the offers in the webshop.

Stay tuned for more upcoming products!