THE ISLANDER A new Hollywood movie filmed in Lika-Senj County!


For ten weeks now, a film crew in locations across the Croatian coast is secretly preparing a movie treat called The Islander. Not far from the Jablanac, the post-apocalyptic world is captured by lightning flashes and a sense of fear for the uncertain future. The movie is also filmed on the island of Pag in Lika-Senj County.

Some of the actors are James Cosmo – best known for his roles in the series Game of Thrones and the movie Braveheart, Caroline Goodall, known for role of Emily in Schindler’s list and Jim Sweeney – an English actor known for his role in the Outlander series. There are also well-known Croatian actors Slavko Sobin and Goran Bogdan and Serbian actor Sergej Trifunović.

In a post-apocalyptic world where the ice caps have melted, a young man struck by lightning becomes a racer to save his home island.

Set in a dynamic, post-apocalyptic future, the Islander revolves around Neb, a young man struck by lighting as a boy who has been haunted by visions of the future ever since. Neb is from Fig Island, part of the “New World”, comprised of many islands and one large mainland called “Argos”. “Argos” is surrounded by massive walls that protect it from the power of the ocean and controlled by THE TWELVE, a powerful group of mysterious origin.

Left outside the walls, islanders are encircled by a force field called The Storm Horizon and live in fear of the Big Wave that threatens to reduce the islands to nothing.

The Islander culminates in a series of races where Neb risks all to unearth the truth about himself, The Twelve, and the myths that drive his world with mind-blowing result.

The premiere of the movie is expected at the end of this year.