Is this Johhny Depp? Wait a second…


Many people visiting Plitvice Lakes a few weeks ago got confused when a young handsome man passed by them. That interesting man was walking around the area, looking very similar to the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. His name is Louis Guglielmero, and he is a professional Johnny Depp impersonator from Monfalcone, Italy.

Louis is doing this job since 2010 and everything started as a joke for a Carnival Party. Now it`s a real job and a proof that even a hobby can become a profession.

Monfalcone is not far from Plitvice Lakes, so Louis decided to come for a visit.

“This was a perfect place to start my new activity as a travel blogger. I really LOVED IT. I`ve never seen a similar place in my life. Especially, I loved the colours of the park. It was a great day of peace for us.”

They also had a lot of fun during the excursion with the rental boat. I’m a “pirate” but this was my first time on a little rowing boat. Romantic and funny at the same time.

So how many people mistook him for Johnny?

“Honestly, I didn`t notice because I’m so used to this kind of comments. Usually, I try to keep a very normal look to avoid the attention. This happen to me very often especially when I dress more like him.”

In all these years he`s done so many things – from national television to music videos, guerrilla marketing and many, many events.

I usually perform in Italy, so I never worked in Croatia but I would love to in the future. Anyway, my new hobby is vloging about the places I`ve visited.

I’ve dedicated my secondo vlog to Plitvice Lakes – enjoy!

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