THEY KEEP US SAFE Croatian Mountain Rescue Team Gospić


At the end of every year, we remember all the good we tried to do for the people around us.

But, when you are an outstanding organization like the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service Gospić  – you need a 4 minute video for that.

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is a volunteer, not-for-profit and public organisation specialised in rescuing in mountains, on rock faces, in caves and other unapproachable places where rescuing requires application of special mountain-rescue skills and equipment.

This was another great year for the team located in Gospić, and we are all very calm knowing that they keep us safe. The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service has safeguarded citizens and visitors in Croatia since 1950, 24 hours-a-day and 365 days-a-year.

In a case of emergency in Lika-Senj County (or anywhere in Croatia), call 112 and you will get top class service.

Stay safe and enjoy the video – congratulations to the team! And yes, make sure to follow their hashtag #deartourists on social media – it`s everything…

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