Krčić Waterfall – a hidden gem in Šibenik region!


It`s not a secret that we are a waterfall lovers, so we are extremely lucky that there are so many amazing waterfalls in our area.

One of them is a 22 meters high Krčić Waterfall located near Knin in Šibenik region. Photographer from Gospić Josip Durdov visited Krčić Waterfall this weekend and captured some amazing shots!

The Krčić River has been protected since 1964 and together with the Krka River forms a unique hydrographic system, while the Krčić River stands out with its deep and picturesque canyon.

Within the canyon are travertine cascades, the loveliest of which is Krčić waterfall. Along the Krčić River is a 15 km bicycle trail leading from the spring of the Krka River.

Isn`t this a perfect location for visit? We couldn`t agree more!

PHOTO: Josip Durdov

Source of information: Šibenik Region