LIFE ON MARS Ante & Mishka in a new adventure!


Ante & Mishka, or as we call them – Croatia`s favourite adventure couple are back on the road!

This time they participated in the “Life On Mars” trail in Novalja where they were running through the untouched parts of this moonlike island.

Ante Tonči Fabris is the manager of Outdoors Croatia project and known for many adventures with his second-half – the beautiful Siberian Husky Mishka, who`s become a true media star in the past few years.

Ante grew up in Korčula, where he fell in love with nature and outdoor activities and with time he began to do sports – first mountain bike riding and running, then hiking, climbing and mountaineering. After Mishka entered his life, a lot of things changed, and their diverse adventures from numerous destinations have become a favourite viral content.

Enjoy this new wonderful synergy of man, dog and nature in the beautiful Metajna…

Read our recent interview with Ante and Mishka HERE.

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