Limitless adventurer from Australia – I am coming back!


Benno Wharton, Limitless adventurer traveling around the world visited Plitvice Lakes this summer, and when we saw his pictures we decided to ask him a few questions. His passion for travel started at a young age, as he was fortunate enough to go on many road trips with his family all around Australia.

“I loved Plitvice, it was fantastic hiking around the lakes and getting up close to the waterfalls. The hike was relatively easy and would suit most fitness levels. There were a few hills to climb but mostly it was flat ground that was directly beside the lake, so you always had a nice view of the water.”


One special experience made him laugh…

“I remember seeing 3 girls in a rowboat that you can hire. They were in the middle of the lake but did not seem to know how to row. One of them sat at the front of the boat and of the other 2 who were meant to be rowing, one was taking photos and the other was using one oar to row. So they just kept going around in circles. I’m not sure if they made it back on their own.”

Benno has been to many amazing places and Croatia has definitely made the top few of his list.

“I have traveled around the Balkan countries, visiting Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Not only will I definitely return to Plitvice but I will also return to Croatia. I loved my time spent in Croatia, it is such an amazing country.”


“I would love to see Plitvice in the winter time. I have seen photos and can only imagine the beauty of what it must look like in real life. I think I will spend at least two days there to truly make the most of my time.”

PHOTO: Benno Wharton

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