The link between Plitvice Lakes and the most famous chocolate in the world


Next time you walk through Plitvice Lakes National Park and see a sign “Milka Trnina Waterfalls”, you will shout – I know who that special lady was! Why? Well after reading this story about the link between Plitvice Lakes and world-famous Milka chocolate you will have no other option.

In a small Croatian village near Ivanić Grad, one of the world’s most famous opera singers in the history – Milka Trnina was born.

She was so talented that Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini considered her the best performer of his Tosca opera. She has performed throughout Europe and America, including London, New York and Bayreuth, the center of Wagner’s music.

She was a true diva that many admired, but unfortunately, she had problems with the inflammation of the facial nerve, so she decided to retire before the quality of her performance dropped.

Last time she performed on September 1, 1906 in Walkiri and the money from her farewell performance was donated to the Plitvice Lakes Society for enhancing the Park. In a sign of gratitude, the Society has named one of the most beautiful Plitvice waterfalls as “Milka Trnina Waterfalls”.

After that, she only played for charity. So, where is the link with the famous chocolate?

Well, there is one story that claims that Milka chocolate maker Carl Russ-Suchard was a great fan of Milka Trnina, and named the chocolate after her. Actually, that he loved her Wagner performances so much, that he traveled wherever she performed in the world.

Well isn`t that sweet…almost as sweet as a chocolate… 😉

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