Marija Obućina from DIVINUM: Exploring the healing properties of immortelle, I thought – well, this can really cure


Immortelle (lat. Helichrysum arenarium) is a plant that has been used in medicine since the time of ancient Greece, the time when the earth was ruled by the gods of Olympus.

It was the ancient secrets of beauty and golden immortelle flowers that inspired the line of cosmetic products called Divinum. Behind this young Lika brand, there is Marija Obućina, a phytoaromatherapist who turns cultivated Lika immortelle from a family farm into natural cosmetics. We met Marija at Autumn in Lika, where she revealed to us how her entrepreneurial story began.

It all started while Marija was still a student, in her fourth year of Marketing and Communication studies. Her father planted immortelle on the family farm in Bukovac. On one occasion, passing through a field, Marija thought that immortelle was an immortal plant.

“The plant looks like it has withered, but in a few days a yellow flower appears and it never withers …”

She soon made her first immortelle product – a dry oil of just three ingredients that she took for analysis to the Institute of Public Health.

“When the Institute confirmed that the cosmetic product was correct, I told my father that he would no longer give the immortelle for purchase, but would leave it to me,” Marija continues.

After that, she made her first hydrolase in a distillery. Immortelle was the topic of her successfully defended dissertation entitled “Marking Strategies of Immortelle as Medicinal Plants”.

“Exploring the healing properties of immortelle, I thought – well, this can really cure,” says Marija.

Impressed by the numerous healing properties of immortelle, whose benefits are almost forgotten today, Marija started a business for the production of natural cosmetics at the end of 2019. With the financial support of her parents and aunt, she set up a plant in Perušić. After receiving incentives from the Lika-Senj County Development Agency LIRA, she purchased a machine for distilling plants.

In the meantime, she also acquired the title of phytoaromatherapist at ProFokus College.

Why the name Divinum? – we asked her.

The Divinum collection consists of 6 products that bear the names of the gods and goddesses of ancient Olympus because the name Divinum in translation means” Divine “, says Marija.

Immortelle hydrolase Helios is named after the Greek sun god. It is obtained by the process of distillation of immortelle leaves and flowers in natural spring water. Dry immortelle oil is called Hera, and nourishing balm – Demetra.

Immortelle divinum grows in untouched Lika nature. It is grown and harvested by hand and is distilled immediately after harvest in the yard of the plant. The composition of Divinum cosmetics is medically tested and 100% natural. One thing was especially important to Marija when choosing the ingredients.

“All the ingredients in the products have an anti-aging effect,” says Marija.




Divinum Hera Oil, 10 ml


Divinum Helios hidrolat, 100 ml


Divinum Demetra Balsam, 50g


Divinum Deity Collection


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