Month of Croatian tourism – 35% discount on many tourist attractions!

Photo: Unsplash (Mana)

The campaign “Month of Croatian Tourism” starts tomorrow, reports

A project of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian Tourist Board, as part of which numerous tourist services and experiences will be available at a minimum of 35% cheaper prices. Thus, all guests who will stay in Croatia during October, will be able to experience tourist services in all parts of Croatia at attractive prices, which will be available on the “Month of Croatian Tourism” portal.

As part of the project, almost 200 offers are currently available, and new ones will be added during the campaign. Through this campaign, all guests will be able to visit different parts of Croatia and consume numerous tourist products and services, from accommodation, cultural, historical and natural sights, various tourist attractions, active tourism to catering services and various package deals.

Let’s add that together with the project, a marketing campaign is launched, the aim of which is to provide additional information and encourage tourist entities to participate in the project. Also, the citizens themselves, who we invite to take advantage of this opportunity for travel and experiences at significantly more affordable prices.

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