MORE THAN 150 METERS DEEP The eye of Cetina


Most river sources or headwaters are found in mountainous areas or highlands.

Many say that if you want to understand the beauty and power of the River Cetina, you have to go to its source. Often only the tributaries of rivers are paddled down, whilst the source remains hidden, deeply hidden in the mountains.

In the case of the greatest Dalmatian river, a trip to its source is itself an experience and an unrepeatable Instagram sensation.

Near an old Croatian church from the 9th century is a small lake of primordial clearness and blueness on the surface of which emerges the cold Cetina as though it is calling you into its inner depth of over 100 metres, however, you actually understand that as an invitation to explore its waters down its entire length.

If you decide on a one-day trip, the closet access to the Cetina is that from Omiš, the former stronghold of the famous pirates, and today a picturesque little town whose popularity is thanks to this river, the crags which loom above it and the fortress of Fortica which holds the memory of glorious days, as well as offering an unbelievable view in all directions. About six kilometers from Omiš there is an authentic mill from where the shortest kayak route starts.

The pleasant atmosphere and excellent gastronomic offer are a real hit, and the tour is also suitable for those with less paddling experience, especially families, who on this tour will find the perfect combination of relaxation and quality time spent in nature.

If you are a real lover of outdoor adventures, the Cetina hides even more. The most popular is rafting, for which there are several qualified agencies who organise tours from the same place, from the small village of Zadvarje, which at the same time is a good starting point for planning a trip to the mountain of Biokovo, a protected nature park.

The combination of flat peaceful parts with wild rapids is a perfect recipe that several hours and a dozen kilometres pass you in a moment, and for an additional experience wait for the famous highlight – a jump from four-metre-high rapid which is not for those with a faint heart.

Considering the length of the river, kayaking is also possible on the upper courses near the town of Trilj, which is an excellent starting point for exploring the whole of the region, thanks to the excellently marked network of roads which lead you to historical ruins like a Roman camp, defensive towers and bridges.

It would be a sin not to explore the hinterland of the Cetina, especially when the smells and tastes of the local gastronomic offer such as frogs, crayfish and the widely famous pršut smoked ham tempt you.


PHOTO: Josip Durdov

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