“My mother ran Plitvice half marathon while I did some amazing shots!”


Don`t you just love the top photo of this article? Well, so did we. So much we had to have it here on the website! The author is young and very talented photographer Marin Ćuk Vurnek from Opatija, who came to Plitvice with his family on a mission to support his very athletic mother.

“My mother was competing in the Plitvice half marathon just in the end of the May, so my father and I accompanied her as a support. Also, I planned to capture some photographic beauty for which Plitvice Lakes are famous for.

It was nice, walk intensive trip filled with lots of sightseeing and wandering in the vast park area…

“For the top shot, I remember having to struggle with lots of small water droplets that the force of falling water coupled with a light breeze, dropped towards my lens. I had to wipe my lens all the time to avoid numerous water spots showing in the final shot. But all in all, I do like the result, and think it was worth the patience.”

They had some amazing family time in the Plitvice Lakes area... and congrats to the brave mother!

Marin`s parents – mother and proud father who accompanied him doing a photoshoot, and captured some of his own material.

The author, Marin Ćuk Vurnek.

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