You must try Croatian Peka!


The beautiful country of Croatia has some amazing food, and that is the fact you need to know before planning a visit. Fish, meat or veggies…everything is delicious and there are so many ways to prepare ingredients. One of our favorite is Peka – a food tool only those with great experience prepare for their guests and loved ones.

So this is how it is done. You must have in mind – good Peka cannot be made without the good wood fire that must burn to live coals.
After the food is put into a bowl the lid is covered with live coals to be processed gradually, about an hour and a half, depending on the food you are preparing.
The food is simultaneously cooked and baked – it is a true art, and to make good Peka you must have some years of experience because you cannot see what is happening under the heavy lid.

All hard work is worth because the food is so delicious, healthy, juicy and the flavors are unforgettable.

Try it, you will not regret!

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