Novalja is the leader as a party destination in Europe

Photo: Unsplash (Daniel Robert Dinu)

This year, Novalja proved that tourism not only recovered, but also exceeded the reference year 2019 in the number of arrivals and overnight stays. Thus, 7% more arrivals (281.433) and 9% more overnight stays (1.828.002) were achieved than in 2019, reports

It is interesting that there was a 14% increase in overnight stays by domestic guests, while foreign guests achieved 9% of overnight stays, which is partly the result of the successful positioning of Novalja as an outdoor destination. A higher category of accommodation brings better numbers.

Thus, hotels achieved 21% more arrivals and 15% more overnight stays, campsites had 31% more arrivals or 28% more overnight stays, family accommodation is at the same level as in 2019, while hostels logically had a drop of almost 50%. 

Germany is traditionally the main emission market in Novalja, and this year there were as many as 34% more arrivals of Germans. This is followed by guests from Slovenia, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland (39% more arrivals) and Great Britain.

In 2023, Novalja will mark the 70th anniversary of organized tourism, and there is no better announcement than the current record-breaking tourist season, which is still ongoing in Novalja and will end with a New Year’s concert.

A destination for party tourism, family tourism and active tourism. All this is Novalja, which at first glance combines the incompatible, and most importantly, in practice it works extremely well when everything is planned. This is also shown by the data, as in the age structure of tourists, young people from 16 to 30 years old or party tourism thanks to Zrće beach (16 – 30 years old) make up 46%, while the rest of the accommodation is made up of family tourism.

“Festivals on Zrće are triggers and they are back in full glory. This year, there were 23 events at Zrće, which start as early as May and end in September. I am very glad that yesterday at the conference we sent a clear message, without any illusions and distorted images, that Zrće is a European brand and an excellent resource, and that Novalja holds the leading position as a party destination in Europe.

On the other hand, we have music concerts in the city for local guests, which are well attended. We also organize various gastronomic events, as a combination of tradition and innovative tasty combinations. Guests are increasingly asking for visits to cheese makers and local OPGs in the pre- and post-season, so we try to include each of our producers as much as possible in our tourism product. In the end, we can be satisfied because we extended the season, we started never earlier and in the first nine months we achieved a successful tourist season”, concludes Marina Šćiran Rizner, director of TZ Novalja.

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