OgrLiKa – Lika cap inspired necklace as the new souvenir


The area of Lika has a new souvenir – OgrLiKa!

An idea of traditional Lika cap is now reinvented and is available in two forms – a necklace and a ring. The creative mind behind this jewellery is Danijela Tonković.  The author of “The coklje” is restless when it comes to combining tradition with modern designs, here is what she says about the inspiration and the story behind her new product.

OgrLiKa is a new product from my workshop, as a result of my impatient imagination – while I´m working on one thing, my brain is already thinking about something else to work on. The inspiration was Lika cap, whose features can be seen on the necklace and the ring. The name of the necklace is OgrLiKa so that people know undoubtedly where the necklace is from. The idea is, as well as with The coklje, to implement traditional products into modern products and make them more wearable for the modern buyers. I hope that I´m doing a good job with that and I thrive to become even better in that part.

Jewellery is one of the best ways to preserve old tradition, making it an ambassador of the area of the product. We hope that you will like this modern twist on ancient customs as well as we do.