Once again Lika was delighted by successful business women!


5th international conference about women in entrepreneurship “Žene i točka“ was successfully organized in Otočac.

Successful business women from Croatia and abroad were guests of the 5th in a row International conference about women in entrepreneurship called “Žene i točka” which is now traditionally organised during December in Otočac. This year, due to pandemic safety measures, Conference composed of 17 panelists was available exclusively through live streaming, making its reach far greater when compared to previous years.

In the heart of Lika, business women with great experience from Croatia and abroad, through three interesting panels, talked about their careers in different fields of entrepreneurship.

Great number of panel viewers through streaming channel, shows the subjects were more than interesting.

Panels on subject of “Woman in time”, “Women in science – changing the world”, and “Leaders of change – wide effect of women in society” opened many questions about female entrepreneurship and brought us very interesting conclusions about female careers concerning different fields in the world of business.

Through very lively and constructive discussion, they answered to the question of who exactly is the business woman of today.

How much effort does it take for a woman in business together with  private life and how does their position compare to the one of their male colleagues, moreover, what is considered mandatory for a woman to achieve, just to rightfully call herself successful in the field of business and science.

Exchange of the opinions offered different perspectives but all the ladies agreed in one – knowledge, effort and talent will bring success if they go hand in hand with persistency and continuous improvement.

The point of this conference, which was organised by Croatian Chamber of Economy, County Chamber Otočac, is to publicly speak about women in entrepreneurship regardless of their religious, national and ethnical affiliations.

To highlight their abundance and achievements in Lika-Senj county, Croatia and neighbouring countries, to encourage existing and potential female entrepreneurs in pursuing new business projects but also to help them connect in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Exactly that proved to be of great importance during this Corona time, because every new job and every new business contact will bring value in continuing to successfully operate many businesses and maintenance of stable economy.

In continuation we are bringing all three panels.

PANEL No.1 – “Woman in time”

  • Ida Prester, moderator, musician and influencer
  • Ivanka Đelilović, owner of the Plasinia brand and CEO of Plasinia d.o.o. company, Zagreb
  • Lenka Gospodnetić, journalist (Slobodna Dalmacija), published author of poetry collection, short stories and aphorisms “Jesmo li sami?” (Are we alone?)
  • Mira Bogdanović, historian, sociologist
  • Tamara Kajari, certified professional organizer, founder and owner of “SLAGALICA” company

PANEL No.2 – “Women in science – Changing the world”

  • Anita Bušljeta Tonković, scientific associate on the Institute of social studies Ivo Pilar / Leader of regional center Gospić in Institute of social studies Ivo Pilar
  • Daniela Gračan, doctor of science, fulltime professor and headmistress in Department of tourism at the Faculty of management in tourism and catering, Opatija
  • Iva Dasović, assistant professor in geophysical department at the Faculty of science in Zagreb
  • Ivana Miletić, fulltime professor at University of Zagreb, endodontic specialist and dental pathologist, KBC Zagreb, Dental clinic
  • Jasminka Brala Mudrovčić, assistant professor in department of Teacher education for primary school in Gospić, faculty of Zadar
  • Jelena Uzelac, senior lecturer / Vice-dean for legal affairs at Effectus Institute of higher education

PANEL No.3 “Leaders of change – wide effect of women in society”

  • Aida Zubčević, owner and CEO of “Faveda” d.o.o. company and president of the Association of female entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Aleksandra Carvalho, CEO of Mereor d.o.o. company for accounting and consultations
  • Alida Perkov, founder (2001) and president of the Association of female entrepreneurs BPW First Croatian club Pula/ founder (2016) and president of female entrepreneur’s network for Adriatic Ionian region (BPW AdrionNet) / certified consultant for entrepreneurship
  • Helena Podgoršek, owner of the social enterprise “Temida”, member of “Podjetniški inkubator Vrelec”, Rogaška Slatina
  • Sanja Popović Pantić, president of the Association of female entrepreneurs in Serbia
  • Zvezdana Oluić, director of PR and marketing department and consultant for female entrepreneurship and management in Union of the employers in Montenegro (UPCG)

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