“For one perfect shot I waited 4 days!”


Ivan Čorić, a photographer from Zadar recently experienced another Plitvice adventure. Ivan is a common guest at Plitvice Lakes, he was just here a week ago, and with a good reason…

“Every landscape photographer from Croatia must visit Plitvice Lakes at least 4 times – during spring, summer, autumn and winter. The autumn colors are at their peek right now, so I had to do a photoshoot. My four year old daughter accompanied me, she liked the rides on the trains and boat.”

Although he admits that good photos are guaranteed at Plitvice Lakes, for some of them he just had to go an extra mile…

“To capture the winter sunset above the Big waterfall I waited for four days until the snow stopped falling. The sky cleared just as I was preparing to go home…”

At least once a month he visits National park Paklenica, his biggest inspiration and the reason he entered the photography world.

“There is a lot of great places around, but I prefere national parks North Velebit and Paklenica, destinations near Plitvice Lakes. Croatia can have tourism all year round and landscape Photography is one of the things that can make that happen!”

PHOTO: Ivan Čorić

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