PAG BRIDGE Stunning to watch and most dangerous at bura

pag bridge bura

While Pag Bridge may look beautiful in pictures, did you know that it is also one of the most dangerous places to be in Croatia if the bura wind is in full force? The bridge is one of the most closed bridges in the world due to this type of wind, and the top photo shows why.

The arch bridge that connects the island of Pag with the mainland was opened to traffic in 1968 and is 301 meters long and 9 meters wide.

In the Croatian War of Independence it was the only link between Dalmatia and the continental Croatian and shortly after the war, it was completely renovated.

On the sunny days, it is a perfect place for a selfie or a photo shoot and when crossing the Pag bridge, make sure look down to see the ruins of a small fortress called Fortica build in the 17th Century.

PHOTO: Daniel Pavlinović

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