AGAIN PAG New Citroën commercial filmed in Novalja!

citroen manifesti

Car commercials do an excellent job of making vehicles look almost too good to be true and the place to film the commercial is also very important.

That`s why in recent years huge car brands pick Croatia, and numerous commercials were filmed at the Pag island.

The latest one is the for Citroën who is presenting its new 19_19 Concept, which expresses Citroën’s vision of ultra-comfort and extended mobility to escape from the cities.

A true manifesto for the Citroën brand, 19_19 Concept is an unconventional expression of the future, existing outside traditional automotive cues. It is a technological and aerodynamic object with exceptional proportions – and a spectacular, suspended and transparent capsule design – inspired by the world of aviation.

Check out the intriguing commercial filmed in Croatia: