Passport in their hands and another great experience!


Roberta and Massimo, a love couple from Italy have a great passion for traveling, so this year they visited Plitvice Lakes and stopped to chat with us for a while.

“I have always had, since I was a child, an irrepressible desire to discover the world; but I can also speak for Massimo that for him is the same.”, said Roberta and revealed that Plitvice Lakes were on her bucket list for a while…

They wanted to see Plitvice for a long time and in August they decided to go to Croatia, so they visited the island of Pag, Zadar, and Plitvice.

“We were ecstatic, it really is a wonderful place. I think one of the points we liked the most was  the complex of waterfalls. For us it was a truly wonderful day in the middle of nature, we will definitely come back!”

They travel together, visited many places in the world and have some suggestions for our readers.

“The country that stole my heart, for its culture, traditions and places is surely Mexico, but the city that makes you feel at the center of the world is definitely New York.”

Thank you for the great advice, hope to see you soon back here at Plitvice!

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Humans of Plitvice