PHOTO 5 Reasons to Visit Plitvice Lakes in Spring


Spring is officially here, which means that our favourite season at Plitvice Lakes starts! After a long winter, nature is awakening, and here it means an incredible palette of colours, abundance of water and the opportunity to enjoy many activities.

From active vacation, jaw-dropping nature, rich history and unbelievably delicious food …

The choice is really rich so here are our five best reasons why you should visit the Plitvice Lakes in Spring!

Beautiful green scenery

As much as the winter is truly beautiful, the spring is (if you ask us) even more magical. Visit Plitvice in the time of the most beautiful nature rhapsody and spend a day in this green paradise.

All the tracks in Park are open but dress in layers because spring in Lika can be very tricky.

Hiking trails

When the snow melts and warmer weather returns, the hiking trails are ready for the first visitors.

Many visitors choose Gola Plješivica for their route. It is a mountain range located above Plitvice Lakes and spreads towards the south for 13 kilometres. The estimated five-hour climb to an altitude of 1648 metres is for hikers with experience and endurance. The 4.5 kilometres long climb to Mrsinj takes around two hours and is not particularly challenging. After conquering the mountain top, you can enjoy a well-deserved and magnificent view of Korenica and Gola Plješivica. Great choice!

Domestic food

After the activities, you will be very hungry, so keep in mind that the area of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality offers delicious traditional food. 

Try the well-known Plitvice Strudel stuffed with cheese, apples or nuts, and for those who prefer salty dishes, the choice is really rich. We recommend the trout, meat dishes with potatoes, delicious goulash and of course homemade cheese and bacon that quickly disappear from the table when served with homemade bread, prosciutto or ham. Enjoy the local gastronomic offer, and take home honey, jam, liqueurs or brandy made by local producers!



Many believe that such a nice area certainly did not arise without the influence of “a higher force” and we somehow believe it. Have you heard of the mysterious Black Queen from Plitvice? This and many other legends can be heard from local people and tour guides, and you can read the whole story about the Black Queen HERE.

Perfect photos

Create memories and many materials for social media. Use #DiscoverPlitvice and do not forget to share some of the photos or videos with us. Pictures from Plitvice Lakes turn out perfect, but be careful and take photos only where allowed!

See you this spring at Plitvice Lakes!

PHOTO: Rade Jug for Discover Plitvice