Some couples want to raise their wedding photos to the next level and create jaw-dropping materials that are worthy of a lifetime of frames.

One of our personal favourite settings for weddings are the mountains since they make spectacular backgrounds for even the simplest weddings.

Every mountain is different (just like every love story), and magical Velebit is very special to the newlyweds Melita and Luka who decided to create their perfect photos right here.

“I love my homeland very much and as I live in the area of southern Velebit, there was no doubt about the wedding photo venue. One of the most beautiful sunsets I experienced was one in the area of Tulove grede on Velebit. When I met my wife Melita, our first trip was to a little hill called Zir, from where you can see the magnificent southeastern side of Velebit. When, after a couple of years we decided to marry, we knew that Velebit will somehow be involved.”, said Luka.

An amazing photographer Matej Paluh made their dreams come true.

“For me, this was one of the most beautiful and interesting weddings. Apart from the beautiful landscape, Melita`s and Luka`s positive energy and emotions were a great inspiration. I am grateful that we had a beautiful and fun time together and that after all we became friends.”, admits Matej.


Congratulations Luka and Melita and enjoy the wonderful photo gallery by Matej Paluh: