PHOTO The vastness of the falls and the breathtaking scenery!


Camille, a French Canadian who shortly lived in Zagreb took the time to visit the areas around the Croatian capital to discover the wonders of the country. While researching, she spotted Plitvice on Google, as one of the most popular attractions near Zagreb.

“Zagreb is well located and so close to the mesmerising Plitvice Lakes National Park. When you visit Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must. The falls are spectacular, and the landscapes are so beautiful.”


She came to Plitvice with a bunch of friends and when they arrived at the park, they didn’t have many expectations…

We were dazzled by the vastness of the falls and the breathtaking scenery, despite the rainy day. The mist included the orange of the trees and the blue of the falls. It was incredibly beautiful. We walked a few kilometres, took a small ferry and drank an excellent hot chocolate.

The best part of Plitvice, she admits, is that the waterfalls and views are wonderful no matter what time of the year you are there (even in November).

The only unpleasant thing in November is that some parts of the Park are closed due to freezing. You won’t have to worry about that if you go there in the summer! Another great element of Plitvice is that hiking is not difficult. You don’t have to be well equipped or in great shape to enjoy the park. However, be sure to bring good shoes, as there are many stairs and paths to walk on.

Pieces of Advice for all of you coming from Zagreb to Plitvice:

  • Take a bus to the park. The prices are very affordable and the trips are safe. You can book bus tickets online and go to the main station by Tram. It is so easy!
  • Be well informed about the return bus schedules and already have your ticket in hand because I missed my bus on the way back and it was difficult to travel back to Zagreb (have some extra money if this misfortune happens to you)
  • Stay at least 5 hours in the Park to enjoy your day.
  • If you are a student, don’t forget your student card, it has a good discount available for you.
  • Bring a lunch because food services are located at the extremities of the park.
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