A piece of Wonderland in the heart of Velika Planina


Only a stone’s throw away from Ljubljana lies the breathtakingly beautiful (but easily accessible by a cable car) Velika planina mountain plateau. The place itself is magical and one gets a feeling as if one stepped directly into the fairy-tale.

Slovenia is one of the most charming countries in the world. Home to several magical places that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. With no exception Velika planina is one of the, surrounded by sweet green hills, this place is a true hidden gem located in the Kamik Alps, region of Slovenia. The magnificent scenery is the main reason why numerous Arab Travellers are eager to visit and revisit Velika planina. The mountain plateau features unique herders’ settlement and one of the top attractions to visit while this summer in Slovenia.

There are about 200 huts on the alp, of which 63 form the herder’s settlement. Yes, you have read it correctly: from mid-June until mid-September herders bring to the alp about 380 cows and the place changes into a lively alpine settlement, which offers the GCC visitors an insight into the long-forgotten times. Apart from that, all the fresh dairy products can be tasted there – directly at the herders.

Velika planina is an ideal place to visit, if you are eager to experience the uniqueness and the simplicity of the herdsmen’s life and indulge in breath-taking views. In addition, the place offers numerous possibilities for hiking and biking – but no one will resent you if you just sit in the grass and enjoy the magnificent views created by the unique mountain architecture and picturesque Kamnik-Savinja Alps as a backdrop.

If you want to stay at Velika Planina longer, you can use an accommodation provider who managed to combine the simplicity of the traditional mountain architecture with all the comfort you can imagine. The cottages in appearance are very similar to herdsmen’s cottage, but their interior is much more luxurious and adjusted to demands of the tourists, especially for those who are travelling with kids. The cottages are equipped with water and electricity and at your disposal are an equipped kitchen, same as the bedrooms are equipped with pillows and blankets.

Velika Planina is the perfect getaway for all the GCC families that are planning to visit Europe this summer and also for those who are already enjoying the warm European weather.

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