PLITVICE HEALING Spiritual Tourism is a New Hit at Plitvice Lakes!


An Interview with Anita Mesić, a certified Theta Healing practitioner

How did the whole thing with your new story entitled “Plitvice Healing” start? Tell us how you started engaging in holistic and alternative medicine.

A dear friend of mine who had health issues tried the treatments and recommended me to try, and I will be grateful to her for that for the rest of my life.

Since I was raised differently, I thought, like most people in these parts, that it was some kind of mumbo jumbo. Nevertheless, I was brave enough to try it. Of course this is no mumbo jumbo. Plitvice Healing was born out of a desire to help others who are willing to accept my help. Since I love being a spiritual guide and I do love the alternative medicine, too, I have come up with the idea of bringing Spiritual Tourism to Plitvice Lakes. I didn’t want to limit myself by having to choose. On the contrary, I believed it would all work out, and it did.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It proved true in my case as well. There are people coming to me facing different problems, such as drug addiction, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, relationship problems, problems in the workplace, financial problems, obesity, etc.

What is Theta healing and in what types of situations can it help?

Everything is possible for those who believe, which is also confirmed by a quote from the Bible saying: ‘It shall be according to your faith’. Theta healing is not religiously grounded. Believing is what matters. Theta healing is based on emotional therapy. Each disease or disorder is a result of the accumulation of certain negative emotions.

For example, an individual who lives with a constant fear of something has problems with kidneys; a person who has thyroid problems does not know how to stand up for himself or herself, putting up with a lot of stuff; if you suffer from the low back pain, your actual problems are finances and family issues; if you have problems with sinuses, there is a person close to you or a relative that irritates you and much more.

How does a Theta healing session look like? What other healing techniques do you use? We sam on your official website that you possess a Timeline healing and Magnified healing certificate. What does this mean?

Theta healing is a therapy using conversation and deep healing work affecting subconscious thinking. It can be done in person or by phone. For example, if a person was constantly criticized during his or her childhood and if people used to tell this child that he or she couldn’t do something, that he or she was stupid, etc., this child grows up with such patterns of behavior becoming insecure over time with low self-esteem, believing that he or she doesn’t deserve anything better and living a life of dissatisfaction as a frustrated or miserable person. In this way, he or she creates limitations in life, as well as insecurity which manifests itself in the fear of change, of moving forward or addiction, in extreme cases.

I have also passed certification exams and acquired knowledge of the techniques, so I can combine them in order to achieve a faster and deeper stage of healing. With each training course completed the practitioner removes his or her constraints, extending his or her capabilities and knowledge necessary to help others. If the practitioner has not conquered his or her own feelings and removed all the impediments, he or she will not have a clear understanding of how to help others. The aim is to silence your ego.

How can a person become a Holistic Healer?

Anyone who has a desire to help others is a potential holistic healer. There are no limits and the willingness is what matters the most. I started with myself and worked on myself, too. I have witnessed changes in my life, kept attending training courses, and I woke up one morning with a desire to help others. It’s the right path to take.

To what extent have your methods been accepted by the medical profession?

Nikola Tesla once said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, i.e. spiritual changes, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” For example, in Germany, in addition to the diagnosis of the patient’s disease, the physician will recommend an alternative treatment to him or her, in order to speed up the patient’s healing.

In Croatia, people seek for alternative methods of treatment only when it’s too late, and the medical profession is trying to shrug off the responsibility.

How has the local community reacted to this new story you have run on the subject at Plitvice Lakes?

We are a small community. In these parts there are also people who quietly work on themselves. Some of my clients belong to this community, but, of course, there must be discretion in handling confidential information.

Most people think that these are ults, some mumbo jumbo stuff and the like, but I do not judge such a way of thinking. “SUFFERING IS NECESSARY UNTIL YOU REALIZE IT IS UNNECESSARY”, right? How they are going to react to this, we will see after this news report.

One last message to our readers:

“BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!” If you wish to change your lifestyle and become an improved version of yourself, start working on yourself and you will get what you have wished for… always, with no exception.

If you wish to do that, but you do not know how, I will be glad to help you.

For more details, please visit the Plitvice Healing Facebook Page. 

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