Plitvice Lakes cycling trails for professionals!


After conquering the trails for beginners last week and spending three days riding across the Plitvice Lakes Municipality, it is now time to tackle the semi-professional and professional trails.

Experienced cyclists have the opportunity to enjoy two exciting trails – The Trail and Gola Plješevica Bike – in the immediate vicinity of Plitvice Lakes. Two days are recommended for this endeavour.

Gola Plješevica Bike and The Trail are similar in difficulty, but Gola Plješevica Bike is twice as long.

Let’s ride!

The Trail

This demanding trail is 20.9 kilometres long with an altitude change of 596 metres and it includes the famous AdriaBike Marathon singletrack downhill towards Korenica. We recommended that you take on The Trail on the first day because it is shorter and you will have an easier time recuperating for the greatest challenge.

Gola Plješevica Bike

At 46.5 kilometres of length and an altitude change of 1350 metres, Gola Plješevica Bike is definitely the most difficult trail in the area and every cyclist can take pride in conquering it.
The trail climbs almost to the peak of Lička Plješevica and then goes downhill where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Korenica Field and Mrsinj. You will put in a lot of effort into conquering this trail, but the nature around you will forever remain etched in your memory.

Spring has finally arrived, so see you on the trails!

PHOTO: Rade Jug for Tourist Board of Plitvice Lakes Municipality