Plitvice Lakes a part of an Italian exhibition “Fluide Emozioni”!


“FLUIDE EMOZIONI” (Fluid Emotions) is a unique photographic exhibition by two Italian artists, Alberto Barbaresco and Luca Stefan.

A journey through natural and mountain landscapes seen through the objectives of the two photographers, and now presented for many visitors in Orsago municipality, Italy.

“Through this exhibition we share our great passion for nature, showing moments captured in enchanted places, immersed in the silence of the rocks or sitting on a carpet of leaves.”, the authors say for The Plitvice Times.

The place that inspired the young photographers the most were certainly the Plitvice waterfalls, to which they dedicated a breathtaking projection.

We have exclusive photos from the exhibition and you can see “Fluide emozioni” in Orsago until the end of this weekend.