Plitvice is the place to go!


Brittany from Toronto, Canada is a travel blogger & photographer who travels the world and visits unique destinations.

I had the pleasure of visiting Croatia not to long ago and of course spending some time at Plitvice Lakes. There is so much undiscovered beauty in Croatia and I would recommend everyone to visit this country at least once.


This was her first time visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, as it is now one of her top destinations she visited past of couple years.

I was in complete shock that something so beautiful like Plitvice existed in the world, and in such an incredible country like Croatia. I am already looking forward to returning back to Croatia and I will be paying a visit to Plitvice Lakes when I return. I enjoy chasing waterfalls and after seeing the striking pictures of Plitvice all over social media, I figured Plitvice was the place to do it. If fascinating waterfalls, dramatic landscapes and a pleasurable nature filled day is something you enjoy- Plitvice is the place to go!

So how did she and her partner enjoy Plitvice?

To say Plitvice Lakes is one of the best travel parks I have visited is not an understatement and holds a great deal of gratification. My partner and I were so blown away by the beauty of the park and how many waterfalls there were, we could hardly contain our excitement. It is fun exploring the park with someone else so you can talk about the setting and how unique Plitvice is compared to other parks. We enjoyed the boat ride to the other side of the park!


So would she recommend Croatia as a good travel destination?

I spent one month in Croatia and toured around the country. I was lucky enough to have friends from Zagreb that were able to show me around and take my partner and I to all the best places. We visited Plitvice lakes as one of our first travel stops and I was a little worried that nothing else would live up to the standards that Plitvice set. I was definitely wrong, as every part of Croatia I explored I enjoyed just as much (Plitvice still being my favorite though). I would recommend Croatia to anyone and everyone. This country has so much to explore and one month just didn’t cut it. I am already planning my trip back next summer and I look forward to visiting and checking more places off my bucket list.

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