PLITVICE TIMES MAGAZINE Grab it – our spring issue is here!


We are happy to announce that the first spring edition of The Plitvice Times is here and it is also the first edition issued in the touristic pre-season.

This issue is a new upgrade of our idea which is becoming better and more widespread. In addition to new distribution locations which you can check out on the penultimate page of the magazine, we have enriched our team by engaging new high-quality associates and journalist. This resulted in us exploring new and excellent topics, so we will take this opportunity to emphasize three of them.

This issue’s exclusive article is the interview with one of the forerunners of Croatian tourism, mr. Kristjan Staničić, the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board. We discussed the improvement of tourism in Lika and Plitvice, ideas for further development, but also statistical data and destination management. It’s interesting to read how our region is seen by the top brass of Croatian tourism.

This issue’s main topic is Croatia Infiltration. Today they are a team of entrepreneurs who started out as photography and terrain enthusiasts. Our interview features interesting bits about military facilities dating back to Yugoslavia, we talked about how they brought an automobile industry giant to Željava, and they shared their experiences from around the world.

The third topic we’d like to point out is based in the Gacka valley. Denis Lončar is a great host who’s been in hospitality for quite some time. Denis told us his story, how his career in tourism started, and the experiences that shaped his development.

In addition to those three topics, in this issue you can read the most important current activities in the Plitvice Valleys and Plitvice Lakes. Ante Kovač, head of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality, wrote an article about developing infrastructure, our columnist Tamara shared the tale of her trip to Jordan, we included a story about Letinac, a small and beautiful village near Brinje, and there is an equally interesting story from Kosinj about some incredible, less known historical facts.

The contents of this magazine are powered by amazing people who love Lika and Plitvice. We are very grateful for their participation and for providing us with great content.

Have fun turning the pages and see you in over 50 distribution locations!

The Plitvice Times Team