PLITVICE VALLEYS BIKE WEEKEND Three days of cycling and great fun!

plitvice valleys bike weekend

For all the cycling lovers out there, this one is for you – book the second weekend of sunny May for a very special getaway – on two wheels!

For the first time ever, a three-day cycling event Plitvice Valleys Bike Weekend will be held right in the wild heart of the untouched nature, overlooking the National park’s captivating beauty. It will be a true celebration of bicycling in Rakovica as many people have already sign up! A weekend of new cycling routes, fun activities and parties that your whole family and friends can enjoy.

Whether you are a regular cyclist, an occasional one or someone who wants to explore more, you should definitely save the date because the event’s program will satisfy both wishes of recreational enthusiasts, experienced racers or the ones in constant search for new, and more thrilling off-road paths.

plitvice valleys

DAY 1 (FRIDAY) – The chase for the most beautiful sunset

Join the chase for the most beautiful sunset on Friday that will turn into an exciting e-bike night expedition. It will be the ideal opportunity to test the performance of top electric mountain bikes but also an unforgettable experience you will remember forever!

DAY 2 (SATURDAY) – The family bike race

The recreational Saturday bike tour will take you through the quiet cornfields and picturesque villages, all the way to a home of the cave lions and friendly night flyers, where the participants will stop for a cave-picnic in an alluring protected landscape. We will not forget the come around the Old town of Drežnik, a medieval tower watching over the gorgeous canyon of Korana river, not far from the hidden oasis of the Deer Valley.

plitvice valleys

DAY 3 (SUNDAY) – great prizes and spectacular end of first Plitvice Valleys Bike Weekend

The Sunday race will go through the inspiring routes of dense centuries-old forests while passing by the lonely hunting stands, ancient villages swallowed by nature and their long-forgotten stone wells. In addition to the extraordinary downhill over the muddy tractor ditches under the most opened skies, the fastest competitors will be rewarded with the valuable equipment powered by the general sponsor, the bike-cyclops Giant.



The amusing Bike Village will be set up at the eco market Plitvice Art Farm, a place to enjoy the exquisite tastes of home-made dishes while trying out the latest models at the Bike Expo. Kids will have fun with the suitable adrenaline challenges, rides through fun and green single-trails and most of all, our tombola game, rich in worthy surprises for everyone.


Just click on this LINK, and keep in mind that the deadline is the 7th of May! For more info go to the official website, Facebook event and Instagram.


Take your well-deserved break in the fresh mountain air, outdoor entertainment with DJs and a cheerful company of your new bike-loving friends.


Be part of an amazing, growing community of people who love to bike and come home in better shape, with a head full of impressions, and perhaps new friends!


PHOTO: Plitvičke doline Rakovica