The Plitvice Times – Winter 2019 / Online issue


Number: 2

Month/Year: 1/2019

Pages: 60

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A very active business year is behind us, concluded with the promotion of the first printed edition of The Plitvice Times. That mini event, held in the Plitvice valleys, is covered in this new issue as well.

The issue you are holding in your hands is the full profile of a magazine containing stories of the entire tourist area from Zagreb to Dalmatia. One story even links the Gacka valley to the city of Kestel in Hungary. Breadth is exactly what makes The Plitvice Times worthy of its name, and it also allows tourists to explore the richness of the region, and to learn a lot of information on the hidden and less hidden locations.

Tourism in the continental part of Croatia has remarkably proved itself, and the stories we bring here add more layers to this claim. Lika is full of fun and interesting stories, as are the areas of Kordun and the Karlovac County. In this edition of the Plitvice Times, our main cover story spans continents – it is about a couple who came all the way from California and found their happiness here in Lika.

We bring you an interview with two cyclists, who explained how they got the idea to travel from the Gacka valley all the way to Lake Balaton in Hungary. Stipe and Milan are prime examples how motivation allows us to overcome great challenges, as their trip to Hungary and back took only six days. We take pride in promoting exactly these types of stories – combining sports, tourism, courage and perseverance.

Not many people in tourism have heard of Rokina bezdan, a set of caves near Brinje lying in complete touristic anonymity. We have talked to one of the greatest Croatian speleological explorers about Rokina bezdan, and he himself claims that it is his obsession in life.

John Hughes from Washington also has a fantastic story in this issue. He talked to Krist Novoselić, the legendary Nirvana bassist. Krist is perfectly fluent in Croatian, he is originally from the island of Iž, but has only lived in Croatia for a year as a teenager. In the interview, he openly talks about his connection to Croatia, memories and his career.

A collection of additional stories has also arrived from Korenica, Gospić, Udbina, Rakovica, Karlovac and many other places, discussing and covering exciting touristic topics.

Please enjoy this winter of 2019 issue of The Plitvice Times!

The Plitvice Times Team

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