READ THE NEW MANUAL How to use storytelling which creates sticky memories from Croatia!


The Ministry of Tourism presented the “Manual for paticipatory tourism connecting community and culture through storytelling“.

Storytelling has existed since the oldest times. It was, and still is, a way of connecting people, creating communities and evoking emotions.

People have nowadays recognized the power of storytelling which encompasses and creates new culture and products; it is a marketing tool as well as an important means of communication. Storytelling in tourism enables the development of marketing and management of a destination, as well as product or attraction development and the involvement of service providers. Tourists take part in tourism experiences and cultural tourist products.

This manual explains the theory of participatory tourism – the involvement of numerous stakeholders in the cultural – tourism products in every development stage – from idea to realisation. The next chapter explains what storytelling actually is, as well as what we can expect from it and what its steps and methods are.

After that, the development of the Istra Inspirit project follows.

Istra Inspirit is an example of good development of a cultural tourism product – one that encompasses stakeholders from different segments in tourism, tourists and locals by giving a sense of an unforgettable experience of myths, legends and stories from Istria which are authentic, but their “authenticity” adjusts to place, time and audience.

Every experience is put in contemporary context and connects with the community (i.e. audience decides whether Mare the Witch in Svetvinčenat lives or dies although she was historically executed. Locals take part in the experience by helping out with the story, selling local products etc). Istra Inspirit in the making and staging of a story, legend or myth, travels through time, but it is not as accurate because of production funding.

The purpose of the manual is to understand the usage of storytelling which creates sticky memories through a story by connecting feelings with events and participation.

The manual also deals with the importance of various stakeholders who “live” the cultural tourism product, partake, taste, decide, in a word, become part of the story in a successful product development.

You can read the Manual HERE.

PHOTO: Josip Durdov