REWILDING VELEBIT New important agreement on Restoration of puddles


Rewilding Velebit signed the Agreement on Restoration of puddles with National Park Northen Velebit. This is a continuation of the well-known cooperation of these two institutions with the same aim, preserving Velebit wild, as it should be. Works are scheduled for spring 2019, as soon as weather conditions allow.

Climate is one of the most important limiting factors in forestry and nature conservation: the risk of drought is a major problem in proper management, but also in the wild.

The frequent occurrence of long periods of drought, especially if it occurs for two to three years in a row, significantly affects the availability of food and water in nature. Animals living in a quality food and water environment are in better shape and can be more effectively adapted to new conditions.

“We are proud of this success cooperation and hope for similar projects with the Velebit Nature Park, perhaps in the near future, on wildlife monitoring projects, the protection of some wild species or something similar. We have the same desire to include the local community, students, hikers and local hunting societies. We are ready to give its contribution to nature conservation and additional efforts to find funding for future activities.” is said by the Rewilding Velebit Team.

The launch and spread of forest fires is largely dependent on climate change. Long and dry periods during the summer months when the amount of rainfall is reduced makes it a great risk of fire. Fire endangers stability of forest ecosystems and in a short period of time can swallow large forest areas. Climate change affects forest ecosystems as well as wild habitats, and also the health of wildlife. Conclusion of the project are recommendations for restoration of old and abandoned ponds. Also recommendations are the construction of new ponds in this area.

PHOTO AND SOURCE: Rewilding Velebit