SINGAPORE STEWARDESS: My beautiful Christmas at Plitvice Lakes

sharon wong

Sharon Wong from Singapore, now former Singapore Airlines stewardess, decided to visit Plitvice Lakes a few weeks ago in Christmas time. A wish she had for some time became reality and the whole experience surpassed her expectations!

“I`ve decided to take a short break before starting my new career in digital marketing. Prior to this, I’ve enjoyed traveling the world as an air Stewardess with Singapore Airlines, and enjoy sightseeing at beautiful locations. In search of wanderlust and breathtaking scenery, I fell in love with Plitvice Lakes while exploring different places to visit in winter, and decided to include this as one of the pitstops for my Europe trip. It’s my first time here.”

sharon wong

So how did she decide Plitvice will be her Christmas destination?

“I’ve always wanted to have a white Christmas and Plitvice has definitely surpassed my expectations. Photo taking was a breeze as there weren’t many tourists due to the cold. It’s a pity that I couldn’t catch the waterfall as some places were closed due to safety. Nevertheless, I really love how stunning the view is during winter. Can’t imagine how it will be like during the summer season!”

She also loved the winter landscape of the Park.

“I highly recommend anyone who loves a picturesque view and the calmness of the place during winter. I’m sure you will totally love the place as much as I do!”

sharon wong

“I will definitely be back to check out the summer season especially the waterfall since some places were not accessible. Nevertheless, I definitely enjoyed myself during the winter season of Plitvice Lakes!”

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