SKIING AND SLEIGHING A perfect winter weekend in Lika-Senj County!

skiing lika senj county

Although some people prefer to hibernate through the winter season, this time of year is perfect to plan a weekend getaway and recharge your batteries. When it comes to winter weekend getaways, it’s all about making the most of the cold conditions, don`t you think?

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a change of scenery in a cold-weather destination or just go somewhere to get away from it all, there’s an ideal winter getaway for you in Lika-Senj County.

We suggest these Top 3 winter locations for an active getaway to inspire you to get out of town and visit Lika-Senj County!

Mukinje Ski Resort – skiing, sleighing or snowboarding


Longer snow period is here and many people are enjoying at the Mukinje ski resort – skiing, sleighing or snowboarding.

The weather is fantastic, more snow is expected to fall and you should definitely have that in mind when planning your weekend!

In these, snowy conditions, the ski lift’s working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy in night skiing under floodlights from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Ski Resort Brinje – just opened

ski resort brinje

If your idea of the perfect winter trip is a mountain full of fresh snow to play on, then we have great news for you. Brinje has got a new tourist attraction – in the area called Busišće, above Hotel Lika, a small ski resort was opened last week.

Perfect for a day or weekend trip full of snow-filled fun for everyone or a cold-weather adventure.

Frosty fun awaits at the Brinje ski resorts and whether you have mastered the slopes or are new to the winter sport, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Cvituša – sleighing 

cvituša sleighing

The municipality of Lovinac, situated in the south of Lika, is best known for its preserved and protected natural values: attractive natural landscape, thick and intact woods, numerous karst phenomena, clean rivers and streams.

But one of the favourite activity in winter is sleighing at Cvituša – just look at this stunning photo.

The area of the municipality of Lovinac covers the highest peaks of Paklenica National Park such as the special reserve ”Sveto brdo” (Holy Mountain) and a large part of Velebit Nature Park.

lika winter

More snow is except to fall, so choose your favourite destination and see you on the trails!

PHOTO:  Skijalište Cvituša, Skijalište Mukinje, Hotel Lika Brinje