Spa in Croatia? Let us show you the best!

Kick back and relax with our guide to the very best thermal spa in Croatia
Photo: Pexels (Andrea Piacquadio)

Croatia is awash with thermal springs. Used for medicinal purposes long before the Romans came along, the healing powers of thermal spas are said to help all sorts of ailments, thanks to their unique mineral content. Croatia has a number of fantastic thermal spa resorts where you can kick back and relax, enjoying healing therapies and luxury accommodation. Unwind with our guide to the some of the best spas and thermal baths in Croatia, reports

1. Istarske Toplice

Located in the northwest of Istria, Istarske Toplice reputedly has the third best quality water in Europe. Set within Istria’s stunning countryside, the resort is a haven away from the urban hustle and bustle of neighbouring towns. The spa draws upon the spring waters of Sveti Stjepan and their unique mineral composition, which is supposedly good for everything from chronic rheumatic diseases to post-op rehabilitation. Surrounded by the forests of Motovun guests can entertain themselves with hiking, water sports, swimming, bike riding and climbing. The resort offers massages, beauty treatments, therapies, saunas and fitness facilities.

2. Terme Tuhelj

Terme Tuhelj is just 40km outside of Zagreb, and caters for children as well as for adults. The spa is the largest in Croatia, with six outdoor pools and a range of features including a wave pool, waterfalls, solariums, and saunas. The spa offers a number of different packages, including one for retired people and one designed for ultimate relaxation. Set within picturesque countryside there are a number of walks you can go on around the spa complex, and for more intrepid guests there are day trips to Zagreb and activities such as water zorbing.

3. Varaždinske Toplice

Varaždinske Toplice is located in the south-east of Varaždin County. The Bedny river flows through the local valley, at the base of the Hrvatsko Zagorje hills. The springs here can reach temperatures of 58°C and contain minerals that are meant to be beneficial for a variety of ailments. The first book length study of the springs was published in 1709, and ever since people have been describing the numerous benefits the water here. Here there are three indoor pools and two outdoor pools, along with the Minerva rehabilitation centre offering a range of treatments, and plenty of nearby hotels. The surrounding countryside is fantastic too.

4. Sveti Martin

When the British and Hungarian company London Budapest drilled the north of Croatia for oil in 1911 they found no oil. What they did find were mineral springs that by 1936 were regularly being used for their healing properties. Mineralno međimursko vrelo Vučkovec, the bottled water derived from the springs, was distributed right up until the Second World War. The springs are now part of a resort complex that has all of the saunas, spas, pools, and healing activities you could ask for.

5. Krapinske Toplice

Located within Krapina-Zagorje County is the thermal spa Krapinske Toplice. With water temperatures of 39-41ºC and rich Calcium and Magnesium mineral content, people come here to treat everything from spine conditions and back pain, to diabetes and heart disease. As well as the award winning hotel Villa Magdalena the area boasts a number of saunas, hot tubs, and pools. The region has castles, museums, great hiking trails, and plenty of cycling routes.

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