A special day for a famous wedding photographer and her dad


Kiyah Crittendon, an amazingly talented wedding photographer from Atlanta, Georgia, whose pictures were published in the famous world media like BuzzFeed, visited Plitvice Lakes this year. She came with her dad, and they both had an amazing time.

“Plitvice was absolutely amazing and I felt like I was in a magical dreamland or a movie the whole time. I loved all the breathtaking blue water, the beautiful green trees and plants, and the abundant waterfalls. Even though we didn’t have time to see the whole park, I love how big it is! My dad enjoyed it all too. He especially loved the boat ride on the big lake.”

As a wedding photographer, she mentions that our National park would make the most peaceful and beautiful background for a wedding.

“If I were photographing a wedding here, I would love to photograph the ceremony at the spot where there was a big wall of waterfalls. I think that would be a really lovely place for everyone to sit and watch the couple say their vows and have their first kiss! I would definitely take lots of time to explore other parts of the park with the bride and groom to take pictures with the water surrounding them, maybe even let them get in the water where they are allowed to! It would be absolutely beautiful and especially at sunset!”

“I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit during a honeymoon! It’s a good place to explore and adventure and hike with someone you love.”

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PHOTO:Kiyah Crittendon

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