We spent New Year`s Eve at Plitvice Lakes!


A passionate travel lover Fabio from Germany, his girlfriend and best friends decided to spend New Year`s Eve at Plitvice Lakes. Great choice if you ask us, and if you ask them – even better!

“We wanted to spend New Year`s Eve abroad so we chose Croatia, because even in Winter you can see a lot. We found Plitvice Lakes on the internet and fell in love, so we decided to drive there by car. We came all the way from Zagreb just to visit the lakes and it was the first time I saw something like this. It was amazing because every waterfall and area looked different!”

They loved the fact it wasn’t crowded and the weather was amazing!

“My special moment was when we came to the Big waterfall and saw all its beauty. It was breathtaking. I would love to come back, but next time in Summer, or Winter with lot of snow.”

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