Spring is coming to the hiking trails of Plitvice!


Snow has fallen on the area of Plitvice Lakes and its surroundings so everyone is busy skiing at Mukinje, but preparations are already under way for the arrival of spring.

When the snow melts and warmer weather returns from its sleep, the diligent members of the Mrsinj Mountaineering Association from Korenica start their inspection of the hiking trails so they can be ready for the first hikers.

In addition, the Mrsinj Mountaineering Association plan to set up a 15 square meter wooden shelter on Plješivica in collaboration with the Croatian Mountaineering Association, the Plitvice Lakes Municipality and the Tourist Board.

This is great news for all active vacationing enthusiasts, as mountaineering is a very popular activity in the Plitvice Lakes County where you can go on single or multiple day hikes on marked trails.

Many visitors choose Gola Plješivica for their route. It is a mountain range located above Plitvice Lakes and spreads towards the south for 13 kilometres. The estimated five-hour climb to an altitude of 1648 metres is for hikers with experience and endurance. The 4.5 kilometres long climb to Mrsinj takes around two hours and is not particularly challenging. After conquering the mountain top, you can enjoy a well-deserved and magnificent view of Korenica and Gola Plješivica.

Walking is the best way to combine healthy physical activities and tourism, and you can plan your entire active vacation at Plitvice Lakes using the Plitvice Active website!

PHOTO: Rade Jug for Tourist Board of Plitvice Lakes Municipality

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