SUN, SAND & SALT 6 most beautiful beaches in Lika-Senj County!


It`s hot, hot, hot and you`re probably looking to find the perfect beach for a dream holiday in Croatia.

Croatia has some of the most stunning beaches in the world and we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful beaches in Lika-Senj County for a bit of inspiration.

Just put down your towel, apply some sunscreen and enjoy!


Beutiful small bay and crystal clear sea are the best words to describe the lovely Tatinja Beach. Beach is located in a nice bay at the entrance to Karlobag from the north and on the right there is a parking lot with a beautiful view. Leave the car there and go on the stairs that will take you to the beach. There is a bar on the beach and a restaurant serving Mediterranean food.

You can also reach the beach on foot from the center of Karlobag. It will take you about 20-30 minutes.


The Planjka beach is located north of Novalja, along the southeast coast of the Novalja Bay. It is covered with fine sand, it is warm, shallow and well-kept. It has restaurants and various recreational facilities. Due to its excellent maintenance and facilities, the beach has had a blue flag since the summer of 2004.

In one of the events thrown by the Croatian Tourist Board and the Blue Flower Media, the beach won two awards – for best kept and most beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast. This beach is great for families with children.


Babe beach lies in a shallow cove west of Novalja. It is the shallowest and warmest of Novalja’s beaches, with fine sand and a narrow coastal strip. In recent years it has been improved with catering and recreational facilities.

We just can`t get enough of this view!


The Lukovo Bay is located away from the urban bustle, 80 kilometres from the nearest industrial town. It is an exquisite bay with a large beach and crystal clear sea, filled with peace and quiet.

A seaside holiday for the whole family or for the romantic couples is an eminent advantage of the Lukovo Beach on the Senj Riviera.


The beautiful Caska beach is located east of Novalja, on the site of the former Roman city which, according to legend, was destroyed by an earthquake in the 4th century and whose remains can still be found in close proximity to the beach and the sea bottom.

Access to the sea is mostly sandy and the sea bed is very steep, which makes the beach deep and so beautiful!


Zavratnica is certainly one of the most beautiful bays of the Croatian coast. This 900 meters deep bay is often called fjord but this is not the same type of bay as the Norwegian fjords. Zavratnica bay was created by the streams of water flowing down Velebit mountain that created this deep canyon and later sunk when the sea level rose up.

There is also a wreck of a German military ship sunken by the Allies in WWII in Zavratnica which makes this place a great diving spot even for the kids since the wreck is only few meters bellow the surface!

You can reach Zavratnica from Jablanac, a ferry port for the island of Rab, in a 30 minutes walk down a path along the sea. If you prefer hiking or are seeking adventure, take a trail from the village of Zavratnica.

PHOTO: Nino Salkić/The Plitvice Times

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