ŠVICA A beautiful place only few tourists know about


About five kilometres from the centre of Otočac is where we took this surreal photos that portray the outstanding power and beauty of nature! Sadly, only a few tourists know about the very photogenic place called Švica with one of the most beautiful lakes in the area – the Upper Lake (Gornje Švičko jezero).

When we went to Švica we were lucky enough to be around just in time when there is enough water to create the waterfall, but that happens only a few times a year.

Apart from the unique natural environment, the lake in its depths hides a large number of fish specimens so many people enjoy fishing here. Also, one of the oldest hydropower plants in Croatia (built in 1935) is located right here.

We suggest you come by car and enjoy the beauty of Švica and we also hope that in the future this place will be crawling with tourists from around the world. 

PHOTO: Josip Durdov

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