TAKE THE WEEL Top tips for summer road trips


As travel restrictions begin to ease, we’re bringing a newfound love of road trips with us.

Last summer, staycations may have felt like the only option – but today, we’ve realized that those local adventures helped us appreciate the ease and flexibility of having our own wheels when on vacation.

After a long period of restrictions, travelers are itching to get out there again,” said Bryan Batista, Senior Vice President of Booking.com’s Trips division.

“Well over half of global travelers are planning to avoid public transport on their next jaunt. They know that nothing spells freedom like a road trip – hitting the road and seeing where it takes them. It’s all about the freedom to experience the world on their own terms, which fits with today’s trend towards more independent, more personalized travel. Since the vast majority of our car rentals come with free cancellation, they offer the flexibility to cope with whatever surprises the world throws at us.”

With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, Booking.com shares some top tips for summer road trips. Short, long, pre-planned, spontaneous… there’s no single format for a good road trip. Nevertheless, there are a few simple tenets that make sense in any scenario:

  1. The journey is the vacation. ‘Making good time’ doesn’t mean going fast; it means making sure every minute is a joy. Motorways might be convenient, but the real adventures are to be found on the backroads, where we’re free to turn off and explore every interesting forest, building, turn-off or beach we happen to stumble across.
  2. The right car is vital. Above all, the car needs to be right for the trip. A compact car can make sense if the itinerary includes lots of busy city streets – but for a long trip with plenty of people and stacks of luggage, there’s nothing like having some extra space to stretch out. Whether looking for an SUV for extra comfort and space or something with a bit more horsepower, Booking.com offers travelers a broad range of rental cars with easy-to-use search functions.
  3. Planning pays off. Even the most spontaneous adventure is better with a bit of prep. Not just the physical stuff (from snacks and drinks to sunscreen and appropriate footwear), but answers to a few important questions, like “Who’s driving?” or “How many hours a day?”.
  4. There’s nothing like organized chaos. It’s great to keep it flexible… within a few basic parameters. For example? A circular route avoids a long, boring drive at the end of the trip. And even the most laid-back itineraries can benefit from including a few ‘must-have’ experiences. A refundable accommodation booking allows for a change of last minute plan, and if you can’t actually make the trip for whatever reason, it’s worth bearing in mind that most Booking.com car rentals come with free cancellation 48 hours before pick up.
  5. Going off-grid? Mobile data’s a lot cheaper than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean the connection is always reliable. So downloading maps and music ahead of time can make the trip a lot smoother and more enjoyable.
  6. Take ten. The experts say it’s healthy to factor in a 10-minute break every two hours or so. Stretching the legs is only part of it: taking a break from driving relaxes the mind, which means it’s more alert when back at the wheel!

It’s a brave new world

As we get back to enjoying the world around us, we’re doing it with more gusto. Travelers are feeling brave, and many once-timid explorers have caught the road trip bug – and feel like taking control and flying by the seat of their pants. Does this herald a new era of exploration and discovery? Time will tell.

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SOURCE: Booking.com