TESLA POWER OF LIGHTS Spectacle in Gospić for Tesla’s birthday


On July 10th, Croatia and the world will mark the 163rd anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s greatest minds, Nikola Tesla, and his hometown of Gospić is preparing a spectacle to mark the occasion.

The evening before Tesla’s birthday, on Tuesday, 9 July, a manifestation called “Tesla power of Lights” will take place on the main town square in Gospić.

Starting at 9 pm, the spectacular light show will not only show Tesla’s services to humanity, but also allow visitors to imagine the night in 1856 when Tesla was born in the small village of Smiljan in Gospić.

The famous inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist left his mark on the world, largely for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system, and organisers hope to honour him with a large celebration.


Visitors will be able to see a spectacular laser show, outstanding light effects that will skim the sky all the way to Smiljan, and also be able sit on lit-up furniture made especially for Tesla’s birthday.

The dance group Atomi will perform a light dance, including a silk dance on in the specially illuminated main square.

The Educational Train “On the path of Nikola Tesla” in Gospić will drive around all the locations in Gospić that are related to the life and work of the world genius and will be free all day.

Also, all the buildings in which Tesla lived or worked in will be illuminated, and the railroad route will follow the story of his life in Smiljan, Gospić and Lika.

The band Diktatori will provide the music entertainment on the night and visitors will also be able to enjoy a rich eno-gastro offering.

Everyone is invited to Gospić to mark Tesla’s birthday when from the dark, Lika light up in honour of Tesla.

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